Healers in the Forest


Sioux City Community Theatre



Shelter Island Players

New York


Columbus Children's Theatre

Columbus, Ohio


Soaring Wings Theatre


Healers in the forest

A long time ago,

 in a little farmhouse there lived a boy, Thomas, who was very ill. One night a mysterious young girl, Salinia, appeared to him and took him to a magic forest where he met, “The Healers”, fairy-like children who have the power to heal people through dance.  Thomas was cured and returned home, unaware that Salinia was now in danger, for she had violated the King’s orders by entering the Healer's Forest. Prepared to sacrifice his health to save her, Thomas returned to the magic forest in a spectacular adventure which shows how an act of kindness can grow into a beautiful force for good.  

Listen to Healers Music Sample

Healers in Thomas' Room

Composed by John Kaasik