Servant's last serve


Garland Civic Theatre



All an Act Theatre

Erie, NY


The Playhouse at McConnellstown, PA


Williams County Community Theatre, Ohio


Master Fifi is served

Servant's Last Serve, Synopsis

It is 1912, London. Due to a misdiagnosis from his incompetent doctor, wealthy Sir Winston Livingston believes he is going insane and does not have long to live. He summons his staff and opportunist niece from North Carolina for a formal reading of his will. Livingston Manor falls into chaos when Sir Winston announces he is willing the entire estate to his beloved cat, Master Fifi. Included in this announcement is the provision that should the cat predecease Winston the estate would be divided among the servants and his niece.

Shortly after, Master Fifi goes missing. Imposter cats resembling Master Fifi begin appearing and disappearing depending on Sir Winston’s whimsical amendments to his will. A whodunit soon after morphs into a “who’s trying to undo it”. On the heels of this cabal of unlikely conspirators is Inspector Woodmore, the whiskey flask-toting sleuth from Scotland Yard, whose skills in deductive reasoning are only matched by his ability to misapply them.