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Don’t Miss Garland Civic Theatre’s hilarious production of ‘The Servant’s Last Serve’

Garland Civic Theatre is proud to present “The Servant’s Last Serve” by John and Karl Kaasik. This hilarious comedic farce and whodunit is mad cap fun that’ll keep you in stitches! The aging Winston Livingston is diagnosed with psychosis and is given mere months to live. He makes all the necessary arrangements in his will, but when his faithful servants and his materialistic niece find out that he has left the bulk of his estate to his cat, the fur begins to fly! Hilarity ensues as Master Fifi, the cat, goes missing while the members of the household try to lure it to its death and an inept inspector investigates the disappearance of the feline.

The talented cast features Laura Blenk as Gladys the maid, Jacob Drum as Inspector Woodmore, Even Figg as Doctor Bradsworth, Adriana Hardy as Esther the cook, Brian Hokanson as Leonard the butler, Mark Massey as Sir Winston, Hayden Sparks as Edgar the gardener, and Brady Townsend as Meredith. The production is directed and designed by Kyle McClaran, stage managed by Cheryl Pellet, and assistant stage managed by Katie Ussery.