Murder by Mistake


The Record (Troy, NY)

"Laughs, dinner knockout combo in Stillwater." "A twist and turn, guess till the last minute murder/mystery/comedy


Lake Wales Little Theatre

Stage Directions Magazine

Recommended Play 

"Dark Comedy of Errors"


Harlequin Productions

later performed at Theatre Association of New York Festival


Shelter Island Players

Shelter Island Reporter

"...and the comedy, that makes this play so enjoyable. My face still hurts from laughing."


Two of Us Productions

Virtual Reading


Studio Theatre

Suffolk Times

"Mr. Kaasik goes in for puzzles, his plot twists are absorbing and surprising, his dialogue is full of interesting ideas"

Murder by Mistake, Synopsis

Kyle is an inventor wannabee with grandiose dreams of wealth but just doesn’t have what it takes to succeed. He spends his spare time exchanging elaborate practical jokes with his friends. One of these pranks backfires when Kyle is led to believe he has won millions on a lottery ticket. He tells off his boss, getting himself fired, sends his wife out on a spending spree, and accidentally shoots his best friend. Murder by Mistake is a fast moving, suspense driven comedy that will give you the most fun you will ever have witnessing the dark side of human nature.

Also produced at several High Schools and Colleges around the United States.